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Agriculture Tuning

Tractors and agricultural machines are built for heavy use under high load conditions. In these environments the most important characteristics is engine torque. Higher torque lets you complete the task in a swiftly en efficient manner.

ECO-TIR focuses on optimizing engine torque at lower revs in order to safe fuel and reduce your exploitations costs. Tractors that are heavily used and that struggle to perform often consume more fuel than necessary. ECO-TUNING will result in a stronger tractor that is usable in a broad range of applications. As with all our systems reliability is a key factor in tuning vehicles. That’s why our tuning solutions have been designed to work well within the safety parameters of your vehicles engine.

Benefits Tractor Tuning:

  • More Power & Torque
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Tractor is more versatile, able to pull more equipment
  • Smoother running engine due to increased engine efficiency