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Car Tuning

Chiptuning or remapping means electronically changing the engine settings in order to gain more power, higher efficiency and lower consumption. All cars have a computer, the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) which is basically the brain of the car that controls all functions of the engine and more. The software which is installed by the factory does not always provide the optimal settings concerning engine power and fuel consumption. This sounds strange but there are a couple of reasons why producers leave room for improvement.

  •  Car producers sell identical engines with different power configurations. Quite often only the software is different while technically the car is identical. The reason for this is pure commercial, hoping that the customer will buy the more expensive, more powerful version.
  •  In more and more countries cars are taxed according to Co2 emissions. Car producers configure the engines so that Co2 emissions is as low as possible, the car is therefore taxed lower making it more attractive for the buyer. However the buyer will feel the engine is limited and the cars performance is disappointing.
  •  Because the producers built cars to function in a broad range of environments (temperature: -30 C to 50 C) and different fuel qualities around the world. They leave a margin for the engine to work properly under all conditions. We as a tuner can use this margin to adjust the engine’s software increasing performance and reducing fuel consumption. For car chiptuning we have a separate brand and a dedicated webpage Chiptuning Rotterdam. You can find more information here and check what we can do for your vehicle.