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Truck Tuning

What is truck tuning or eco tuning?

When we talk about truck tuning we focus on optimizing the trucks software in order to reach better fuel efficiency and secondarily more power. This service is more popularly known as chiptuning or remapping. However if you tune a truck in the same way a car is tuned, this will have a reversed effect on fuel consumption. That’s why we call truck tuning – truck optimization. The software of the truck is analyzed, the conditions in which the truck operates are taken into account and with these parameters we develop optimized software setting for the truck. The result is a drop in fuel consumption and a significant cost saving for the owner. In practice this means a saving of between 5 and 12%. In most cases the truck will also receive a power and torque increase which makes it more dynamic and pleasant to drive. That’s why ECO-TIr offers you: More Power with Less Fuel

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Why would you tune your truck?

If you are interested in saving costs you should seriously consider tuning your truck. Fuel costs are one of the biggest expenses for a transport or truck operating company. With fuel prices constantly increasing and margins on transport shrinking it’s hard to stay competitive. Besides this competition is growing, labor costs are increasing, taxes are increasing and you face a constant struggle.
In order to stay ahead of the game truck tuning can help you to increase efficiency and thus reduce costs. However there are more benefits with truck tuning. Besides the positive effect on fuel reduction we are capable of reducing Ad-blue consumption between 30% and 80% . Ad-blue is often forgotten but the optimization of your truck will give you multiple benefits.

How does truck tuning work?

When tuning a truck we will reconfigure the engine management so that the truck will perform optimal under the given conditions. The optimization of the engine management results in more power and higher efficiency and thus less consumption. This increase in power can be used in situation where the standard (not tuned) truck shows a peak in fuel consumption. In most cases this is with heavy load, or uphill driving that requires lowering gears and higher RPM’s. After chiptuning the truck will be able to carry heavy loads on lower RPM’s driving in higher gears. This will make driving more fluent without constantly shifting down to get over the hill.
Simply increasing the power of the truck will not decrease consumption. The engine functions such as boost pressure, fuel injection, and torque limiters must be carefully balanced to obtain a good result. Otherwise the truck will consume more and fuel will not be burned properly.

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Is chiptuning bad for my engine?

No, chiptuning is certainly not bad for the engine. Of course depending on which tuner you choose and his experience. A good tuner knows which settings to use, an inexperience tuner, or a tuner who only does cars, cannot offer the same quality. If a tuner focuses on increasing power only and exceeds what is sensible or just goes beyond the technical limitations this is certainly not good for the engine. A serious tuner will always ask you questions such as, type of application, working conditions, loads carried and historical consumption data. This is necessary data for a optimization. Software should always be written specifically for your truck, watch out with companies that only try to copy a file from truck to truck.
Be carful with companies promising to reduce unrealistic amounts of fuel. In general savings between 1 to 3 litres per 100km are achievable (5%-12%). If a company promises more than 20% saving you know they are selling stories.

Durability of the truck is mainly dependent on:

  1. correct and periodical servicing
  2. correct exploitation by the driver.

A gentile driver who warms up the engine, drives in the appropriate RPM’s, and has a fluid driving style will experience less wear & tear in comparison with a aggressive driver who drives recklessly.

Why is truck tuning not offered by the manufacturer?

There are several reasons why the truck manufacturer does not offer chiptuning.
First off all there are commercial reasons.

  1. The truck manufacturer quite often offers identical truck configurations (engine + gearbox) but with different power / torque settings. For instance a truck with 410 HP and 460 HP can be technically identical only with different engine software. Obviously it’s much cheaper to produce one configuration and just limit or open it’s potential by different software. The producer provides choice in models but actually sells identical trucks for different prices.
  2. The manufacturer also focuses on reducing fuel consumption and with newer truck series offers improvements in software. However this knowledge is not offered to your used trucks which are more than 2 years old. ECO-TIR can reprogram the older trucks with settings that are used on newer models thus improving fuel consumption. Again commercial reason from the manufacturer, hoping you will renew your fleet on a regular basis.
  3. From the technical side the truck manufacturer cannot offer a truck that is truly optimized. Trucks are sold all around the world in different continents, with different fuel qualities, different atmospheric conditions. Besides this the application is not known, lot of stop/go traffic (city distribution) or continuous long distance transport, cargo weight (light / heavy) or type of geographical conditions (climbing / flat). The more information available the more room to adjust the engine (fine tune) to specific application thus improving efficiency.
  4. The manufacturer defines the truck performance specifications and has margins built in so that the truck offers the same performance in dessert conditions (50 c) and a lot of dust as well as in cold or wet climates with different fuel qualities. We as truck tuners can use these margins to increase power and reduce fuel consumption.
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